Everything You Need To Know About Gaming Chairs

Everything You Need To Know About Gaming Chairs

Gaming is a hobby which has grown nearly exponentially over the course of the past couple of decades. It has evolved from 8-bit graphics that could be described as marginally realistic at best to rendering and animations which could be considered worthy of a blockbuster film.

When it comes to gaming equipment, there are a few things that you need, of course. Depending on your preference, you can either be a console gamer, a PC gamer or both. These gaming systems have their pros and cons, but many gamers have a particular preference.

Regardless of your choice of system, there are many other accessories and peripherals to invest in so you can improve your gaming experience. These can range from higher quality controllers which offer more regarding control inputs to high tech peripherals like VR capable headsets.

Investing in your gaming accessories is a great way to have more fun while you play and also indirectly improve your skills. If you're a competitive gamer, you can ill afford to give up any potential advantages over your opponents. One of the more important aspects for a gamer is the comfort.

Playing Games In Gaming Chair

If you are comfortable while you are gaming, you will perform better, but there is also the matter of health to consider. Take your chair, for example. If you are sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours on end, you can end up developing back problems and other health issues.

This is why it is a good idea to consider making use of a gaming chair while you play. When compared to regular chairs or office chairs, there is a large number of reasons why a gamer should prefer a gaming chair instead.

What Is A Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair is exactly what it sounds like. It is a chair which is specifically designed to cater to the needs of gamers. This is accomplished due to some aspects and features which are preferable for gaming, but gaming chairs can be used for other applications too.

Racing Series Game Chair

Some gaming chairs are designed for use with specific systems, such as a PlayStation 4 or a PC. While this may improve their functionality with that one gaming system for which they are designed, less advanced gaming chairs usually don't require that functionality.

Before we get into the details of gaming chairs, we will look at some of the key differences between them and other types of chairs which are commonly used by gamers.

Difference Between Office Chair And Gaming Chair

Most gamers tend to use an office chair while they play. More specifically, this is preferred by PC gamers because office chairs work well when used in combination with a desk. An office chair can also be used when you wish to work on your computer, and you are not gaming.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that gaming chairs aren’t versatile enough to take over for office chairs, but they get more and more capable of doing so by the year. This is especially so for gaming chairs which are designed for use with PCs.

One of the key differences between office chairs and gaming chairs is that they are designed to accommodate a gaming posture more than a work posture. While office chairs typically have a limited range of adjustment, you will find that gaming chairs can be adjusted in more ways.

Gaming chairs can recline further than most office chairs, with some being able to recline all the way to 170 degrees, in case you need a moment to relax. They can also have their armrests adjusted in more ways than your typical office chair, as they can move up and down but also side to side.

Little Girl Falling From Office Chair

Gaming chairs also feature many more extras than office chairs. Extras which are included will depend on the price of your gaming chair. They can range from a simple rocking capability to built in speakers. These extras are up to you, and not all gamers prefer chairs which are loaded with them.

Difference Between Gaming Chair And Regular Chairs

There are even more differences between gaming chairs and more traditional types of chairs. Regular chairs are rather ill suited for gaming because they are typically not meant to be sat on for hours on end. If they are the type of chair you would be more likely to find in your kitchen, these posture issues get even worse.

Your typical four legged chair has a seated posture which is more upright than most other chair types. While this is reasonably good for your back, it makes for a much more uncomfortable gaming experience. These chairs are also unable to recline, which makes for a much less enjoyable experience.

This lack of adjustment makes for a chair which is distinctly unsuited for gaming. It not only reduces your comfort levels while you are gaming but it also makes it harder to line up your eyes with your screen. The ability to adjust the height of your seat is crucial to ensuring that your eyes will not be strained trying to look at the screen.

We would also define loveseats as falling under the category of regular chairs. While loveseats may be highly comfortable, they are difficult to move, and they are usually too low to game from effectively. They typically only recline so that you will miss out on a larger range of movement as well.

Types Of Gaming Chair

A comfortable gaming chair is a must-have if gaming is one of your hobbies or favorite ways to spend your free time. Getting the right gaming seat can protect your back and neck from pain.

Gaming Chair Next To PC

PC Gaming Chair

This is one of the more common varieties of gaming chair. PC gaming chairs are meant to be used by PC gamers, as the name would suggest. This does not mean that they may be exclusively used with PCs, however. These chairs may also be used with consoles rather comfortably, but there may be some features which may not work with them.

PC gaming chairs usually resemble office chairs superficially, featuring wheels is the ability to rotate like an office chair. Where they differ is in their range of movement, such as how far they can recline. They may also include features such as built in speakers or vibration which works with your games.

Due to their resemblance to office chairs, some customers choose to use gaming chairs for their work computer as well. This is because they are usually much more comfortable than office chairs. This is due to the included cushioning coupled with their wide range of adjustable aspects.

Console Gaming Chair

The counterpart of the PC gaming chair, the console gaming chair is meant to work better with console gamers. They are not always restricted to the same layout you will find in office chairs, since they do not always need to be wheeled, but a decent number of console gaming chairs still include wheels.

Console gaming chairs may be able to integrate with a specific type of gaming consoles, such as the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. While this is somewhat rare, it offers a potential for greater functionality such as game integration or speaker compatibility.

Console gaming chairs are usually a little less versatile than PC gaming chairs because they are not always designed to be equally effective while used for work. This may be unappealing to some users, but it usually results in a chair which is more affordable and more specialized.

Bean Bag Gaming Chair

This type of gaming chair combines a bean bag chair with features which are specifically designed for gamers. Most modern bean bag chairs are filled with a more comfortable material such as foam, which is meant to make the chair more forgiving than older bean bag chairs.

Brown Bean Bag Gaming Chair

The difference between bean bag chairs designed for gamers and their more traditional counterparts is that they include features which are preferable for gaming. For example, many bean bag gaming chairs come included with built in speaker systems which will improve your gaming experience.

Bean bag gaming chairs will keep you closer to the ground than other types of gaming chairs, so they are usually better suited for use with consoles. This is because PC gamers usually have their monitors on desks, this makes it harder for you to see the screen without having to crane your neck upwards.

Racer Chair

Another type of gaming chair is a racing chair. These are meant for use with racing games, and their capabilities can vary depending on what you need and how much you are willing to spend. Most racing chairs are designed in the style of actual racing seats that you would put in your car.

The design of racing chairs allows for a more authentic racing experience, and the included extras can further improve their level of authenticity. For example, racing chairs can come included with a racing wheel and shifter setup for better immersion and racing performance.

These extras allow you a greater degree of control over your racing game than a controller or a mouse and keyboard setup would allow for. Some more expensive racing chairs even feature vibration which mimics the vibration of your in-game vehicle.

Memory Foam Chair

Another option is a memory foam gaming chair. These tend to be some of the most comfortable models of gaming chair that you will find for sale. Memory foam is used in some mattresses because it will conform to your body and allow for a perfect shape for optimal comfort.

Sky Blue Memory Foam Gaming Chair

Memory foam padding is highly comfortable, and it is not solely confined to memory foam gaming chairs. Many gaming chairs will feature some measure of memory foam padding thanks to its large degree of comfort.

While the use of memory foam in a gaming chair will greatly improve your comfort, these gaming chairs can also feature a good number of extras. These extras consist of the usual amenities, such as Bluetooth connectivity, built in speakers and some other ways to improve convenience.

Why The Need For A Gaming Chair?

In this section, we will be going over some of the reasons why you may need a gaming chair over a more typical gaming setup. Many gamers choose to play from the comfort of their couch or their office chair. While this may be good enough for a lot of people, there is plenty of evidence that shows that gaming chairs are superior.

Back Pain Relief

Have you ever stood up after a long gaming session and found that your back feels a lot worse than when you first started? Since gaming chairs are specifically designed to accommodate your posture better while you are gaming, you will find that they greatly reduce the chance of chronic back pain.

Nobody wants to have to suffer for enjoying their hobby, and you don't have to. Many features decrease the chance of back pain if you are using a gaming chair. The greater range of movement for gaming chairs makes them a better choice for the more unconventional sitting positions that gamers usually find themselves in.

Since they can be adjusted to account for your posture in more ways than every other chair, back pain will not have the chance even to develop. This is also due to the increased lumbar support that you get out of gaming chairs when they are compared to other types of seats.


One of the main reasons why you should invest in a gaming chair is because they offer improved comfort when compared to both office chairs and regular chairs. While you may find some non-gaming chairs that are equally comfortable, they are usually not as adjustable.

Two Guys Sitting On Gaming Chairs

This improved degree of comfort is due to the use of higher quality materials as well as a more intelligent design which is supposed to support you better as you play. The level of cushioning in gaming chairs is usually unmatched in all but the highest quality office chairs.

Comfort is not only important for the obvious reasons, but it can also improve your gameplay. If you are uncomfortable while you are playing a game, you will perform worse because you will find it harder to get into your "zone."

Gaming chairs are not the only kinds of chairs in which comfort is important. It is one of the key considerations to make while purchasing any kind of chair, gaming related or otherwise.

Gaming Chair Accessories

Simple items, such as a gaming console, a new audio system, or a steering wheel, will make a huge difference on your new gaming chair. Let's take a look on some of the best gaming chair accessories.

Lumbar Cushions

If you have spent any reasonable amount of time searching for chairs or other seats, it is likely that you have come across the term “lumbar support.” This term is not as complicated as it may seem.

To put it simply, the lumbar region of your back is your lower spine, where your back tends to curve inwards. A chair which offers lumbar support will usually have a pad which fills in this lumbar area, providing better seating posture and accounting for this natural curve.

This is important in a gaming chair as it will greatly reduce the chance of back pain developing over time. It also helps you refine your seated posture, which is important for spinal development in teenagers and children.

Some people may find lumbar cushions uncomfortable, so they are not for everyone. While they have definite advantages, it is rather important to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible when you are seated.

Holding Gaming Chair Lumbar Cushion

Many lumbar cushions will also be adjustable, so you will be able to move them to vary heights, as we are all sized differently. A gaming chair wouldn't be of much use if it were restricted to users of a certain height.

Cup Holders

Another extra feature which can prove to be helpful in your gaming chair is the inclusion of one or more cup holders. This allows you to enjoy a beverage while you are playing your game, without having to place it on a nearby table and interrupt the action by having to reach for it.

These cup holders can be positioned in several places, while the armrests are a popular spot for cup holders on most chairs, you will find that they can obstruct the view on gaming chairs. This is why many gaming chairs have their cup holders positioned somewhere lower down on the frame, out of sight.

There is also the matter of the number of included cup holders. Having two cup holders allows you to enjoy multiple beverages at once, for example, soda and some water. Depending on the size, cup holders can also be used to hold other items, such as batteries of gaming peripherals.

Built In Speakers

One of the more impressive extras that you will find on some of the more expensive gaming chair models is the inclusion of built in speakers. These speakers typically connect to your TV, PC, monitor or gaming system and they allow you to immerse yourself in your game further.

There are several ways that you can connect your gaming chair’s speakers to your preferred system.

Many chairs make use of a simple audio cable. This has the advantage of nearly universal compatibility with most monitors, TVs, and amps. Other chairs use Bluetooth to connect, which may cause compatibility problems with older consoles and TVs.

These speakers can range from simple models which are mounted on the sides of your seat all the way to surround sound systems that make you feel like you are your player character.

Gaming Chair Built-in Speakers

Built in speakers are not always the best choice for some gamers, however. Some players prefer to make use of headphones, which allow better directional awareness. This is crucial for high-intensity shooter games in which the sound of a footstep may be the difference between victory and defeat.

Some chairs feature built in subwoofers which will make the chair vibrate along with the sounds that are coming through. This allows the player to feel every sound, which is particularly suitable for shooter and racing games since they tend to feature loud, resounding sound effects.

Headrest Pillow

A headrest pillow is another extra which can be included with your gaming chair. These pillows are usually positioned somewhere higher up on the back of the chair so you can rest your head when you lean back. Most of the time, these pillows can be removed if they are causing you discomfort.

Chairs which don’t come included with headrest pillows will typically feature some form of padding on the headrest regardless.

Maintenance And Cleaning

As with anything else, it is important to keep your gaming chair clean and well maintained. Since there are so many points of articulation in a gaming chair, you will find that it is important to keep it well maintained if you want it to last a reasonable amount of time.

These points of articulation should usually be kept well lubricated and oiled to ensure that they keep functioning smoothly. This will also make the chair quieter, so you don't have to put up with any annoying creaking or other kinds of noises whenever you adjust your posture or rock back.

It is also important to keep your gaming chair clean, and the methods you use will typically depend upon the material out of which it is made. Most gaming chairs are made out of synthetic materials, which are usually rather simple to clean with either dry or wet wipes.

Checking Gaming Chair

When cleaning real leather gaming chairs, you will have to take more care. If you do not want to damage the leather, you will have to read the instructions which were included with your chair. There is usually a section which addresses the proper cleaning of your chair.


Gaming chairs are an excellent way to ensure that your gaming experience is more enjoyable and comfortable than it would be with any other form of chair. They are so effective that they are also a popular choice for office desks and other non-gaming related applications. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down below, and we'll try to get back to you.

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