GTracing Gaming Chair Review

GTracing Gaming Chair Review

If you find yourself sitting down for long periods of time, it is always important to invest in a good chair. You will find that a high-quality chair will greatly reduce the strain on your back after sitting for awhile. Anyone who has had to work long hours in an office knows just how important a high-quality chair can be.

Whether you are using your chair for work or gaming is irrelevant, as both of these activities can involve extended periods in which you will find yourself seated. A poor quality chair can worsen the condition of your back, which is never good regardless of your age.

GTracing Gaming Chair Breathability

Younger gamers should use comfortable chairs with a good deal of support to ensure good posture and spinal development. Adults, on the other hand, need high-quality chairs to ensure that chronic back pain does not end up developing. Chronic back pain is a more debilitating condition than you can imagine if you have never had to deal with it.

As you can see, a good chair is a matter of more than just comfort; it is a matter of staying in good health. Your spine is the most crucial supporting structure in your whole body, and you want to ensure that it remains healthy throughout the years, because it can be very hard to fix.

This is why we will be looking at one of the best gaming chairs available today. Gaming chairs are useful for more applications than just video games. They tend to be rather comfortable and feature a good deal of support when compared to basic office chairs. This has led to their growing popularity in the workplace.


Most gaming chairs feature the ability to recline a certain number of degrees. Almost all gaming chairs default to a 90-degree angle when first assembled, but this can be uncomfortable if you need to take a moment to lean back and relax. This is where a reclining back comes into play.

Many chairs can recline at least a few degrees backward, but higher quality gaming chairs can sometimes recline out to a full 180 degrees. This makes them closer to bed on wheels than a chair. While you may not find yourself reclining all the way to the maximum, it is nice to be able to lean back at a more reasonable angle.

Lumbar Support

Another feature which is important to gaming chairs is their level of lumbar support. Lumbar support is cushioning for the small of your back, where it tends to bend slightly inwards. Most mid range gaming chairs and up will feature some form of lumbar support, and sometimes it can even be removed.

GTracing Gaming Chair Features

Since everyone has a different body type and build, lumbar support cushions can usually be adjusted, allowing you to position them for optimal comfort. It can sometimes be difficult to find a comfortable position for a lumbar cushion and some prefer to forego their use altogether, this is why they are usually removable.

About The Product

This chair is manufactured by GTracing, a manufacturer who specializes in the construction of heavy duty racing style gaming and office chairs. This chair features a heavy duty frame which is designed to take more punishment than the frames you will find on its counterparts.

  • The chair’s features a design which is both comfortable and ergonomic
  • The chair comes included with a removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion
  • The chair’s backrest can recline from 90 degrees to 170 degrees
  • The chair features a max weight capacity of 330 pounds
  • The chair comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • The chair features a rocking backrest for improved comfort


This is one of the better racing style gaming chairs that you will find available. This chair is highly durable for its price, offering excellent value for your money. It features a more sturdy frame than many competing models, and the inclusion of heavy duty wheels ensures that you will not have trouble with them breaking.

GTracing Gaming Chair Modes

The inclusion of a rocking backrest is a feature that we appreciated, making it easier to lean back and relax. The backrest may also be locked if you would rather have more support. Apart from that, the backrest may also recline all the way to 170 degrees, like many other gaming chairs.

The armrests of this model are rather special, instead of just moving up and down like on most other gaming chairs, they can also move side to side. This chair’s best qualities lie in its combination of durability and comfort.

What Others Say

We also looked through reviews and testimonials from many other customers. This gaming chair was rather well received and has been praised highly for its comfortable padding and excellent value for money. Many customers stated that it is one of the most comfortable swivel chairs that they have ever used.

When it comes to complaints, there weren’t many. Some customers had difficulty assembling this product, stating that they needed the help of a friend and that the assembly took about an hour. One customer also had a problem with the arms being slightly loose, but this may have been an assembly error.

Buying Advice

This gaming chair provides some of the best value for money that you will find in its product category. It is available for about 200 dollars, which is standard for a mid range chair, but when the build quality is considered, this chair can be mistaken for a high-end model. It can be purchased from several online retailers, Amazon amongst them.

GTracing Gaming Chair



If you are looking for a durable gaming chair which is guaranteed to last, this GTracing ergonomic chair is a good choice. Even if you aren’t a gamer, this can be used as a highly comfortable desk chair. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments down below.

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