Homall Gaming Chair Review

Homall Gaming Chair Review

Finding the right gaming chair is important for a variety of reasons. While some may see a gaming chair as a superfluous product which is rather unnecessary, they can improve your long term spinal health, amongst other things.

This is the case because they conform to and support your back better than most other chairs. Aside from office chairs, gaming chairs are the only types of seats which are meant to be used for hours on end.

Since gaming sessions can last hours at a time, you will want a chair which is ideally suited for these long periods in which you will be seated. Beyond the issue of health, a redgaming chair is more practical due to the simple matter of comfort.

Homall Gaming Chair Features

Gaming chairs usually feature a superior degree of padding when they are compared to office chairs since you can still play while leaning back in a gaming chair. This is usually not the case for traditional office chairs since they are built with the expectation that you will work leaning forward most of the time.

This makes it, so that office chairs are designed with a comfortable seat, but the back often leaves something to be desired. In the case of gaming chairs, both the seat and back and more comfortable than most other chair types.

Today we will be reviewing one of the most popular types of gaming chair: the Homall Executive. Before we get into the review itself, we will be taking a look at one of the characteristics which are crucial to a good model of gaming chair. Feel free to skip ahead if you'd rather get right to the review.


One important consideration to make before deciding on the right gaming chair is the weight of the chair itself. This will have a bearing on the stability of the chair. A heavier chair will naturally be more difficult to topple over, but it is also important to consider the center of gravity.

Some may argue, in fact, that center of gravity is more important than weight because a chair with a low center of gravity will typically be more difficult to topple. When combined with a reasonable weight, a chair which features most of the weight concentrated in the lower third should be stable enough for most applications.

Man Sitting On Homall Gaming Chair

Another reason why you should consider the weight of your chair is because it will directly influence how much difficulty you will have getting it into your house. If the chair is heavy, the package will be heavy. This will increase shipping costs and make the box a pain to carry for both the delivery man and yourself.

The assembly process will also be more difficult since the components of your chair will be heavier. You will want to strike the right balance between stability and portability and few characteristics have as much of an effect on these two aspects as weight does.

About The Product

The Executive Gaming Chair is manufactured by Homall, a furniture company which specializes in the manufacture of gaming chairs and office chairs.

  • This chair’s ergonomic body hugging back improves comfort markedly
  • Comes included with a removable headrest pillow
  • Comes included with a removable lumbar support cushion
  • This chair’s reclining range of motion goes from 90 degrees to 180 degrees
  • This chair can swivel 360 degrees
  • This chair has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds

This chair is meant to provide a good all around option for those purchasing their first gaming chair as well as more experienced customers. It includes most of the features that you would expect out of a gaming chair as well as a few unexpected ones.


This chair is highly adjustable, as you can tell by the range of motion featured regarding reclining. This chair can recline through 90 full degrees of motion, going from a right angle to completely flat and it may be locked in any of these positions. This wide range of motion makes this chair highly versatile.

Homall Adjustable Lumbar Support

You can have a seat positioned at a right angle for work and intense gaming, or you can have it at a bit of an angle for more comfortable gaming. If you feel like resting, you can tilt this chair even further back and enjoy a comfortable experience that is almost as enjoyable as a bed.

The ergonomic body hugging design of this chair makes it feel like you are enveloped by this chair whenever you sit down. This provides superior support when compared to chairs of a more traditional style.

What Others Say

Customers had quite a bit to say about this chair considering that it is one of the more popular models available. Many customers praised the ease of assembly of this particular chair. Another aspect that was highly praised was the sturdiness and resilience of the metal frame, ensuring that this chair is long lasting.

Regarding negatives, customers were disappointed by the lack of adjustable armrests on this chair. One would expect such a common feature to have been included on so popular a model. Some customers also complained that the padding was somewhat sparse when compared to other chairs.

Buying Advice

This chair is reasonably priced as it usually sells for around 200 dollars. This is a fairly standard price point for mid-range gaming chairs. This chair also goes on sale for about 50% off fairly regularly. It can be found at any online retailer that stocks gaming chairs, including Amazon.

Homall Gaming Chair On White Background

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The Homall Executive is a gaming chair which is designed to be more of a jack of all trades than the competition. If you would like a chair which is a good all around option, this is the right choice. Just keep in mind that this also means it does not excel in any particular area. Feel free to leave any questions down in the comments section below.

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