X Rocker Gaming Chair Review

X Rocker Gaming Chair Review

Gaming is a hobby which usually requires a number of accessories and other products besides the game system itself. Regardless of whether you play on console or PC, gamers take pride in high-quality peripherals and with good reason. They improve your gameplay, and they make gaming a more enjoyable experience.

There are peripherals which are necessary to enjoy the game, such as a mouse and keyboard or a controller. Without these, you would be unable to play the game in the first place, so they are the most crucial. You will always want to ensure that you keep these peripherals in working order and you may wish to upgrade them from time to time.

Up next, you have accessories which are situational. These depend on the kinds of games you play, and they can be more or less necessary in certain cases. Microphones and headphones fall under this category. For example, some online games will be very difficult without proper communication and sound recognition. This is usually the case for hardcore tactical shooters.

X Rocker Gaming Chair Controls

Up next, you have accessories which improve the gaming experience, but aren’t exactly necessary. You can still enjoy your game without these products, but they will tend to give you a performance boost just because they make the game more convenient and enjoyable.

The product we will be discussing today falls under this last category. No one is going to say that a gaming chair is as necessary as a controller when it comes to the enjoyment of your game. Regardless, gaming chairs can still make gaming much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Before we move on to our review, let’s go through some of the more crucial features and characteristics to be found in some of the best gaming chairs on the market.

Built In Speakers

Gaming chairs with built in speakers will tend to increase your immersion by a rather large degree. They often feature a surround sound setup which is more compact and more affordable than setting up a genuine surround sound system in your game room, which can get very pricey.

Some models come included with a subwoofer as well, which provides some much-needed bass for the built in speaker system. The advantage to a chair mounted sub woofer when compared to a traditional one is that you can feel the bass going through the chair, further improving the authenticity of your experience.


It is also important to consider the size of a gaming chair before you buy it. This should be considered for two reasons. Primarily, it is important to know the size of your chair, so you can be sure that you will be able to sit in it comfortably. If a gaming chair is too big or too small, you won't get as much enjoyment out of it.

X Rocker Gaming Chair Built-in Speakers

You should also pay close attention to the size of your new gaming chair so you can be sure that it will comfortably fit into your gaming room. A chair which takes up too much room may necessitate the displacement of some furniture or may even have to be used in a different room than you planned.

About The Product

This gaming chair is a rocking style model which is manufactured by X Rocker. This model is an excellent option for anyone needing a good range of extra features (such as a built in sound system) coupled with comfort and user friendliness.

  • The inclusion of 4 surround sound speakers makes this chair highly immersive
  • A powerful subwoofer provides much-needed bass notes
  • Included vibration motors go along with the bass for further immersion
  • Chair folds in on itself for easier storage when not in use


This gaming chair is one of the better models we have reviewed for console gamers. While nothing is stopping you from using this chair with a PC, it will usually be too low to make for an enjoyable experience since you will find it hard to see the monitor.

X Rocker Gaming Chair Armrest

The star feature of this gaming chair is the inclusion of a 4.1 surround sound system. The sound quality cannot rival more modern full-size 5.1 systems, but it gets the job done quite well. While the speakers are a little small, the sound is clear enough to make for a highly immersive gaming experience.

Another element which further adds to your immersion is the inclusion of vibration motors that are activated at the same time as the subwoofer. This adds a bit of a kick to explosions in war games and engine noises and tire screeches in racing games.

What Others Say

We also looked at what consumers had to say about this product in various reviews and testimonials. Most of the feedback was positive, with customers praising the improved gaming experience due to the combination of the speakers and the vibration motors. Customers also appreciated the relative ease of use.

When it comes to negatives, customers had some issues with the padding on the seat itself. Some customers stated that they would have preferred the padding to be a little thicker as it tends to flatten out over time. This does not have a drastic effect on the comfort of this chair, however.

Buying Advice

This chair is priced within the usual range when it comes to mid range gaming chairs, but it features high-quality construction and quite a few extra features, so it is well worth the price. It can be found for about 200 dollars or 150 dollars (when on sale) from Amazon.

X Rocker Gaming Chair

Source: xrockernation.com/


If you are looking for a console gaming chair which features surround sound and high quality, this model from X Rocker should do the trick. We hope that this review has proved both comprehensive and informative. If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to leave them down below in the comments section.

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