How to clean a gaming chair? (5 steps)

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A gaming chair is a high-end purchase that requires a lot of maintenance. It is not just about the initial cost, it is also about the quality of life you have while using it. The chair should be comfortable and adjustable to your needs.

Gaming chairs are designed to provide the ultimate gaming experience. They can give you comfort, style, and most importantly an ergonomic design. This is because gamers need the best support they can get. The most common models of gaming chairs convert quickly from sitting position to a full recline for maximum comfort and support.

While gamers are out exploring Night City, their chair is right next to them. It’s there to rest their laptop, hold drinks, and give them support while they sit. The chair is also a great place for other activities like working, streaming, and even eating. It’s easy for gamers to make a mistake with one thing or another when they’re not paying attention to what they’re doing.

What kind of steps you should take when cleaning your gaming chair varies based on the chair type.

Your chair should come with the manufacturer’s instructions on how to perform regular cleaning tasks. The usual tasks include vacuuming, wiping down the covers with warm water and an appropriate cleaner, and scrubbing any visible debris off.

5 steps to clean your Gaming chair

  • Confirm the type of upholstery of your gaming chair
  • Eliminate Surface Dust and Debris by vacuum/brush
  • Clean the Chair Upholstery With a Water or Solvent Solution
  • Hone In On stains
  • Clean the Rest of the Chair(Armrests, Base, and Frame)

Step 1: Confirm the type of upholstery of your gaming chair

The vast majority of gaming chairs available worldwide are made from one of the above materials. PU leather, PVC leather, and mesh are all durable materials that offer a high level of comfort and durability. Fabric chairs usually come with a lower price tag, but they can also be difficult to clean if they get too dirty.

When it comes to cleaning your gaming chair, you’ll need to know what type of upholstery it has. Different types of upholstery require different cleaning methods. Some are best cleaned with water and soap, while others need a leather cleaner or even a dry clean only solution. If you don’t know the type of upholstery on your chair, you can usually find this information on the label.

Usually, there are 4 most common types of gaming chair upholstery

  • PU Leather
  • PVC Leather
  • Mesh
  • Fabric

TIP: PU leather and PVC leather are easier to clean than mesh and fabric. Mesh and Fabric can also be cleaned but it takes more time and work.

Step 2: Eliminate Surface Dust and Debris by vacuum/brush

Now that you know what upholstery you need to clean, you can start by getting off any excess dust or debris by vacuuming or dusting it.

There are several key steps to upholstery cleaning. The first is vacuuming or dusting off any excess dirt, which will make the job easier. Next, spray the fabric lightly with water and scrub it with a dry brush to loosen up any dirt or stains that might be hiding. Use a clean cloth dipped in warm water and detergent to clean the fabric. Rinse off the detergent.

If you have PU or PVC artificial leather upholstery, you should never need to vacuum it. This is because the material is water resistant, durable and easy to clean. The only thing you need to do is dust it down with a thick microfiber cloth.

If you have a chair with mesh or fabric upholstery, you’ll need to vacuum it to bring out the dust that’s ingrained within the material. Run a regular vacuum attachment over your mesh chair. If it’s fitted with an armrest, detach it first before vacuuming around it.


One of the most important parts of any cleaning routine is making sure you vacuum and dust at least once a week.

Step 3: Clean the Chair Upholstery With a Water or Solvent Solution

You’ll want to clean the upholstery to get out any marks from spills or stains. Before you do this, you’ll need to check the care guide for your specific furniture.

On your care tag, you will see one or two letters that explain what to use on the material:

  • S means you have to use only a solvent.
  • W means you have to use only water, although a small amount of mild dish soap won’t hurt.
  • S/W means you can use a solvent, water, or both together.

Solvent for Fabric Upholstery

  1. Mix the following ingredients in a spray bottle:
    • ¼ cup of vinegar
    • 400 ml of warm water
    • 1 tbsp of detergent (below 40% concentration)
  2. Make sure you get the cloth damp, but not wet. If one cloth isn’t enough to get it clean, use a second one and scrub really well.
  3. Rinse the chair with water.
  4. It is important to make sure you are drying your chair in a warm environment, but not one that’s too hot as this will lead to warping. Open windows and doors as well as turning on a fan for good air circulation to prevent an odour from remaining in the room and seeping into the fabric.

Solvent for Mesh Upholstery

  1. Mix a 1:3 vinegar to water solution. Store in a spray bottle
  2. Apply the mixture to a cloth and rub it gently on the surface 
  3. Wipe off instead of scrubbing. Wipe until it becomes visibly clean.
  4. Leave it out in the open air to dry elsewhere away from sunlight. Open windows inside to let fresh air flow through

Solvent for PU and PVC Leather Upholstery

  1. Simply use a water-based cleaner or just water and soak the micro-fibre cloth with it.
  2. Use the damp cloth and gently rub the leather to clean it.
  3. Let it dry or wipe it down with a dry micro-fibre cloth.

Step 4: Hone In On stains

In the event that tough stains are still visible after a thorough clean, it may be necessary to spot clean them with a water-based solution.

To make sure your spot cleaning won’t cause any harm, first rub some rubbing alcohol on some cotton ball and apply it to an inconspicuous area of the fabric. You don’t want to start with the most obvious place you want show spill stains, but instead on the underside of the chair where spills are hard to notice.

Give it a few minutes to see if the liquid causes any harm. If not, you can use it place to gently blot/rub stains away from the stain. Beware of mesh upholstery because is easily damaged.

Step 5: Clean the Rest of the Chair(Armrests, Base, and Frame)

Ok, now that your upholstery is clean, it’s time to clean the rest of your chair.

The armrest, base, and frame of the chair are much easier to clean since they’re most likely made of plastic or another hard material. Mild detergent soap and water will have these parts looking brand new.

Cleaning the surface of your furniture is a lot easier than you might think. All you need to do is grab a soft sponge or cloth, mix it with some warm water and mild detergent, and clean the surface of the armrests, base, and frame. Once they are dry, your furniture will be nice and clean.

To thoroughly clean a gaming chair, don’t forget the casters. Casters are the wheels of a chair. They are usually made of rubber, plastic, or metal. Without the casters, the chair can’t move around.

It is important to thoroughly clean your gaming chair every now and then to keep it in good condition. One of the most overlooked parts of any gaming chair is its casters. These are usually made up of rubber, plastic or metal and they need to be cleaned just as much as any other part on your gaming chair does.

Not only will it make for a cleaner-looking game room but it will also help extend the life on your gaming chairs’ caster wheels by reducing friction between them and the surface they roll on which can cause them to wear out faster than usual.

Get ready for a comfortable and clean gaming session!

You’ve just polished your favorite gaming chair, now it’s time to use it. Kick your feet up, relax, and reward your cleaning efforts with a long game of Fortnite.

Some tips to keep in mind for your Gaming chair maintenance

  • Keep the cats and dogs away from your chair to avoid scratches. Cats and dogs are animals. They like to scratch items they want. Keep them away from your chair with this mesh cat barrier to avoid scratches.
  • Direct sunlight can cause fading and brittle upholstery. It’s best to keep your chair away from the window to keep it looking fresh.
  • Sweat stains happen to the best of us, but there are a few ways to avoid them. You can stay cool by taking a break from your work or using a fan if the heat is too hot. You can also put a towel down to avoid any sweat from coming into contact with your chair.
  • Leather chairs can develop cracks if they’re not conditioned. Apply leather conditioner weekly to help create a barrier against cracks.
  • Wipe up any spills immediately to avoid stains.

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