How to Make Your Chair More Comfortable in 9 Steps

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Gaming chairs are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for long periods of time. They have a high backrest, good armrests, and a head pillow. The chair also has a special design that is meant to keep you cool as you play games.

Gaming chairs might feel a little weird to sit in initially, but if you try to adjust your posture and become more aware of how much pressure you’re putting on your back, this could actually help you get used to it.

If you’re finding that your chair is causing discomfort when gaming then it’s worth investing in a new one. All chairs are different so the one you buy may not suit your body type.

Gamers may spend up to 15 hours sitting each day on average – too much sitting often leads to an increased risk of muscle or joint issues. They might also be more susceptible to diabetes, heart disease, and depression.

Tips for Making Your Experience More Enjoyable

Sitting at a desk for hours on end can lead to back pain, poor circulation, and general discomfort. There are many ways to make sitting at a desk less taxing on the body, but nine of the most popular are illustrated below.

  • Focus on the part of your body that is hurting.
  • The lower back should be supported, but this is difficult in a standard gaming chair. There are various ways to achieve this including: buy an ergonomic chair that has lower back support, add pillows or cushions, or use a lumbar roll.
  • Take a seat cushion if you want to be more comfortable.
  • Keep your feet off the ground
  • Make use of the armrest;
  • Raise the screen so that the top is level with your eye line
  • Put reference materials at eye level
  • Adjust the lighting in your gaming room.
  • Incorporate Some Greenery in your room

Let’s take each suggestion one by one

#1 Focus on the part of your body that is hurting.

What kinds of uncomfortable experiences do you have when sitting in a gaming chair?

Before you buy a new gaming chair, it’s a good idea to know what specific aspects you want your chair to have. Start by keeping note of the features that will be most important for how you work.

If your back is bothering you, invest in a chair with more back support next time. Most gaming chairs don’t have enough back support to provide the comfort needed.

Maybe the narrow seat is making it tough to sit. Some seats aren’t as forgiving, and they won’t work for somebody with wide thighs or has a different type of position from others.

#2 Your Lower Back Should be Supported

Lower Back Muscle Anatomy and Low Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common problem for many gamers, but it doesn’t have to be. Before you purchase a new gaming chair, try implementing a simple solution that can provide relief. Lumbar support cushions are designed to provide comfort and support for the lower back as you sit for long periods of time.

Sliding a cushion under your back when sitting at a desk or table may seem uncomfortable and odd, but it actually provides additional support and relief for your back. With the right cushion, you can fight back against bad posture that can cause pain in the long run.

#3 Add a Seat Cushion

Feeling uncomfortable while playing video games can cause you to lose focus and be less productive. Investing in a lumbar support pillow or a seat cushion to make gaming more comfortable might make a big difference.

Putting a lumbar support pillow in your gaming chair might work for you, or you could consider a seat cushion if that’s not enough.

Cushions & pillows may help you with back pain, sciatica symptoms, or an issue with your posture. One advantage is that they take the weight of your body off of one area and allow for better positioning.

#4 Make Sure your feet is off the ground

The Balanced Athlete Through Your Feet :: Continuum Performance Center

If you’re shorter than average, your feet may not lay flat on the floor while sitting on your gaming chair. This can lead to soreness or pain throughout the day

There is a simple fix for back pain like this- use an ergonomic footrest. It’ll help you maintain good posture up to your head by supporting your feet.

#5 Make Use of the Armrest

Buy Replacement Adjustable Arms Armrest Pair Upright Bracket with Pads Fits  Most Gaming Chairs (4D) Online in India. B08KJ5D9D9

You may end up with stiff wrists if you don’t take regular breaks from typing and using a mouse. Purchasing a gel armrest is one option to help relax your wrists while you work.

Trackpads and mice can cause a lot of strain on your wrist especially if you use them all day. A good ergonomic mouse will make working more comfortable and provide a range of motion without adding weight to your hands. It will also help prevent repetitive stress injuries from prolonged periods of hand and finger movement.

#6 Raise the screen so that the top is level with your eye line

Monitor ergonomics for back pain Dandenong Chiropractor

The main cause of neck and back pain is sitting too long without taking a break from looking down at a keyboard or screen. The strain from being hunched over all day can lead to much more serious problems. Raise your laptop or desktop computer to eye level so that you can look up and take breaks from the screen every 20 minutes.

In order to use your laptop or monitor, you can place it on the table in front of you. This way, all you have to do is focus on what’s ahead of you and nothing else. You can also purchase a laptop stand if a table isn’t available.

#7 Put reference materials at eye level

This is essential for the same reason that elevating your computer screen to eye level relieves neck strain by eliminating the need to look down to read from the text constantly.

Sitting too low or too high can cause your neck and shoulders to get tense. This can be uncomfortable and lead to chronic pain.

You may examine papers without straining your neck by using a basic desk director.

A desk director is a device that mounts to the back of your desk and lowers the height of your computer monitor to eye level. It can be attached to any desk, table or countertop. Some models even come with an ergonomic design that will allow you to type without bending over awkwardly.

#8 Adjust the lighting in your gaming room.

6 Gaming Room Lights Every Gamer Should Have – BlissLights

Glare may make you squirm in your chair to find an angle that allows you to see your screen properly. This can be a strain on your posture and make you uncomfortable at work. Consider investing in anti-glare screens or a glare guard.

There’s a saying that the best light is the one you’re in. We recommend going where you can control your lighting by installing a few lamps with a variety of settings. The strong light coming from screens, combined with its grey display, might be what’s leading to your puffy eyes and headaches!

If you can’t change the lighting in your workplace, invest in a screen filter. They might be helpful if you find yourself getting tired more quickly because of the glare on your screen.

#9 Incorporate Some Greenery in your room

The Best House Plants to Boost Your Mood This Winter

You might not think it, but plants and gamers actually go together. The natural environment in the house or in the office can help bring in a little bit of green and make you feel more at ease. Planting a green plant on your desk, where you work the most often, would be a great way to improve the comfort of your gaming chair.

Plants can help clean up the air, reduce stress, and improve moods at work. What’s more relaxing than sitting somewhere comfy?


As gamers, we spend hours upon hours on our gaming chairs. We develop an intimate relationship with them. They are like our friends and family members. A chair is something you can’t really test out for 8 hours before purchasing it, so you have to rely on the reviews of others.

Gaming Chairs are created by different manufacturers to suit a variety of different people’s needs, but if you don’t have an average type of body then the chair may not be comfortable for you.

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